Choosing your lenses Many people still believe the only difference between lenses is the prescription - this is definitely not the case. We have a wide range of lens types and options and we will give you expert advice on choosing the right lens for your eyesight and lifestyle.

Lens Types

Single Vision lenses are prescribed for reading or distance correction.

Bifocal combines reading and distance correction, but with a visible line, available in a variety of styles.

Multifocal combines reading, intermediate and distance correction, blended together without a visible line, giving improved cosmetic appearance.

Lens Options

Scratch resistant - durable, resists surface scratching. Standard to all our lenses.

Anti-reflective - reduces reflections, giving clearer vision and improved appearance.

Photochromic - light sensitive, tint adjusts automatically in sunlight giving comfortable vision. Comes with UV protection.

Thin & lite - improved cosmetic appearance, more comfortable to wear.

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